Chris Bolson

Web Development, Design & Programming

Chris Bolson,
designing & developing bespoke websites since 2000.

Since 2000 I have been developing and maintaining web sites and online applications, covering all aspects such as analysis, design, programming and post maintenance.
In this time I have worked on customised websites for clients around the world.

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, CSS3, SEO, Google Analytics, REST, XML

Website Design

The first thing that a user sees is the design. Your website should reflect your company or activity. In our modern mobile age one of the most important factors is that the design adapts to the different screen sizes. This is achieved by creating a "responsive" website which adapts to device that it is being viewed on.


Just having a website is not enough, you need to ensure that it is optimised for the search engines such as Google and Bing so that your customers can find it easily when they search. Optimising a site for SEO means looking at the website from many different areas such as:


Knowing how your website is doing is important, not only to see how many visits you get but also to know what is working and what is not. Through Google Analytics we can decipher the information on basis such as technology and countries or follow the user use through your website page by page.


Without a doubt "content is king" when it comes to getting a good placement. I will help you optimise the content of the website so that the search engines *know* what you are offering. Content needs to be more than just a few keywords and photos. Let the world know what you do.

Availability Calendar (open source)


The Ajax Availability Calendar is an Open Source PHP script designed to display the availability of whatever you may need it for such as holiday cottages, hotel rooms, marquee hire etc.

It uses AJAX to make maintaining your calendar as simple as possible via it's built-in administration panel.

Take a sneak preview of the completely new version which I am currently developing.



I have been part of the Gabinohome.com team since 2004.
My role has been to develop both the front-end and back-end of the site along with the general design and functionality.

Gabinohome is a property classifieds portal, extending to over 40 countries and working in 16 different languages. The site in continual expansion as it faces the ever-growing and demanding property market.

The web is developed primarily in PHP and MySQL. It also makes extensive use of JavaScript and technologies such as AJAX, REST and XML.
Over the years the site has undergone many changes as it adapts to the current trends and needs of its users.

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